The TPN-USP Maneuvering Simulation Center has adequate facilities for research and technical studies

Briefing / Debriefing Meeting Room

  • 5 screens with technical data of the maneuvers and cameras of the bridges

  • Video-Conference system and Live Streaming for remote participants

  • Wifi Internet access for all participants

Control Room

The operators can control up to 3 full-mission bridges simultaneously:

  • Radio communication with pilots / tugmasters

  • Operation of the Vector tug control software

  • Operation of the Mooring control software (for STS operation)

  • Operation of Environmental Conditions and Scenario Control (including real time changes in the environmental condition)

The Maneuvering Simulator Center is locate inside the TPN-USP laboratory, with modern facilities dedicated to the study of ship hydrodynamics.

Wave Tank

14m x 14m x 4m tank, with active wave generation and absorption system. Link

4D Visualization + Plenary Meeting Room

Capacity of 40 people, with large a 6x2m screen. Besides meetings and workshops, the maneuvering simulations can be broadcasted to this room

High-Performance Computing Cluster

2 HPC clusters (28 + 15TFlops) for CFD and Potential Hydrodynamics calculation.